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Along the Transverse Axis 

Devices for Personal Orientation: Convergence Plot
Laser etched plexiglass, paint

Symbiotic bacteria and yeast culture 

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Digital print on foamcore 

Screengrab Collections: Sign for the Big Temple

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Devices for Personal Orientation: Inherent Windsock 
Sewn silk organza and butterfly net 

College Ruled 

Tian Zi Ge 

Devices for Personal Orientation: College ruled and Tian Zi Ge
Embroidery on Silk Organza 

Flags detail 

Gallery View  Lucky Numbers: Made in America
Jaquard Woven Cotton 

Cohesion Graph
Spray paint on wall

Devices for Personal Orientation: 7278 mi. / 20 vision
Paint on Kite  

Plants know where the sun comes 
Vermicompost, cast paper, broccoli microgreens 

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While the adjacent curves of a hyperbola infinitely bow away without meeting or intersecting,  a transverse axis is the anchor between the rift, a bridge spanning two never-touching worlds at their foci.

Along the Transverse Axis, a solo exhibition by William Plummer, offers a look into the complexities of cross-cultural identity, grappling with familial intimacy, geographic distance, and cultural loss. As an individual with Taiwanese and American heritage, Plummer mediates a life between the standards of definition. They look at the link between internal and external landscape through the lens of language, considering the process of making a form of personal wayfinding. In using diagrams that converge English and Mandarin phonetics alongside maps and mazes, the systems in which people order reality are explored in search of open space for cohesion and growth.