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Perennial Channels

Perennial Channels
Altered cabinet, nylon stockings, monofilament, lurex thread, glass marbles, beads, electrical wire, and mirror, 42" x 15" x 69" , 2021

Tapping into the unseen historical and spectral forces at Elsewhere, this altered cabinet functions as a permeable screen by drawing attention to effects of light and air within the Ghost Room. Through this atmospheric exchange, the sculpture commands a theatrical presence while drawing attention to its contents; stockings, beads, and pearls that drift and sway without the help of a body. "Perennial Channels" acknowledges the items we own that are meant to feel special or inspire wonder. From playful accessories to glass marbles, these things point at a commonality--the ways objects can undeniably reveal and reflect something about the people that have interacted with them.

 Above images courtesy of Elsewhere museum, taken by Jess Hoyle. 

Stemming initially from research on the success of textile mills in Greensboro and their distribution via the local railroad, this cabinet took on a life of its own after I sawed open the back panel. I think while searching for materials Sylvia Gray placed ideas directly into my hands. Perennial Channels is crafted to be activated by ambient elements, light and air, and comes to life when the AC kickes on and nudges the stockings into motion. I often think about lineage, how things carry on... The transluscent stockings and delicate beads spoke to me especially, reminding me of water and words and the traces we all leave behind.