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The Art, Biology, and Being of Flatworms 

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A collaboration with Mol Mir, Steph Nowortarski, and Jason Pollen 

            Four intergenerational and interdisciplinary artists have plunged into the muck of local Kansas City waterways and emerged with an even greater understanding for the complexity found where, at first glance, there appears to be little to look at.

A Drawn Line

Directed and Produced by William Plummer
Sound Recording and Production: Jametatone
Footage: Steph Nowotarski and Mol Mir
Opening Animation: Steph Nowotarski
Dylan Cramm Horn (bass guitar)
2007 Balquier (trumpet)
Brad Highnam (upright bass)
William Plummer (cello)

Worm in a Lifetime

Produced by William Plummer Footage by Steph Nowotarski and Mol Mir Featuring Steph Nowotarski, Mol Mir, Jason Pollen, William Plummer